Blue Food Serie

Blue Food Serie

An der University of Michigan habe ich einen Fernkurs in Fotografie belegt, der 5 Module umfasst. Das 5. Modul ist ein Abschlussprojekt. Ich habe mich für Food Photography entschieden. Das Projekt hat sich sehr verändert mit der Zeit. Mein Statement dazu findet man unterhalb der Galerie.

Photographer’s Statement

We tend to see our world and the things around us in a certain way. We are also used to see photographs of things done in a certain way.

I started the project with the intent of doing food photography. Halfway into the project I realized that classical food photography bored me. I also got the feeling that it “didn’t do” anything to the people who looked at my photographs.

After a few experiments with my photos I had the idea of inverting the colors, thus making a “negative” of my “positives”. I have always been fascinated by negatives, even as a child when my father used to develop his own photos in our cellar. They show the world in a totally different way. We need to wrap our heads around it.

My fascination with inverted colors of food grew fast. I had to learn to think in a different way. Things that look great in a normal image look terrible in an inverted one. Shadows become immensely important, and disturbing. So do certain highlights.

I still photographed dishes that, not inverted, would look appetizing and, hopefully, make people want to eat it.

Then I found this moldy lemon in the fridge. I decided to photograph it. Not because I wanted people to want to eat it, but because I wanted to do this poor, discarded lemon one last honor.

The idea of turning everything upside down: The colors, the choice of food, that appealed to me.

So I started to photograph not only food that one would eat and tried to make it look appetizing, but food one would throw away. And I tried to make it look interesting, something to think about. The goal was to make something one would just throw in the bin look so interesting and cool that it could be a picture on the wall.

I have photographed food in all it’s variations: Ingredients, preparation, meals, eaten (leftovers and cleared plates) and spoiled.

There is loads of food waste, and loads of hunger in the world. Food is an interesting topic. It can be taken further than just “this looks yummy, I want to eat it”. It can be artistic. It can be something different than what we’re used to.

Meine ersten Bilder des Projekts sahen so aus: